Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Sisters… An Update

Grace just posted a life update on her kiddos… Got me thinking it might be a good idea. I'll try not to get too sappy.

M - Mother, why am I here???

E - Mother, seriously? Another picture?!?!

- Loves school and is missing it during the summer
- Sings Christmas songs pretty much any day of the week - mother's daughter in that regard
- Loves to swing super high and sing random songs from school
- Screams bloody murder at the sight of a dog
- Builds Legos almost everyday
- Claims she wants to do ballet but then at the last second changes her mind

E instructing R on how to trace bodies

And it is not going as planned

- Call her sisters Bill-lis and Mon-Ka (one of them is not a fan and the other thinks it's hilarious)
- Hates peanut butter but loves peanuts
- Not a huge fan of showers and really not a fan of the sprinkler much to big sister's annoyance
- Commandress of numerous bumps and bruises and scrapes but generally no worse for the wear
- Mostly potty trained but her laissez-faire attitude to wet undi-wears is not helping her cause
- Loves playing with E but does not like getting yelled at by her so she will stick with M who is happy to get the attention

Flower child

Girl has the craziest way to sleep

Sisterly love

Except when you pull my hair

- Sleeping through the night some times - making me really love the mornings she actually does
- Eater of lots of food - those little squeeze food packs are awesome and she's the first Kibbe to use them
- Loves throwing her sippy cup on the floor. Repeatedly
- Not much into sitting up or crawling or growing hair
- Best naps are taken while at work while in the bathroom with the fan on - nothing like a cool dark room with white noise , ya know
- Sometimes will hold her breathe for no reason. Maybe she'll be a swimmer one day

Haha, nope not crawling today

So stinking cute

Hello : ) 

What are you looking at?

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