Friday, June 27, 2014

7 QTs - Dishwasher Discussions

It's that time of the week...

--- 1 ---

Saturday was thrilling with a trip to Pullen Park with Grammy and then off to get E's foot painted. When we got home I discovered M had a NASTY fever like in the 103.5-104 range. Yeah. Muy bad. So I semi-not-freaked out but freaked out enough to put her in a cool bath. I played phone tag with the nurse on call for our peds office who got in touch with the dr on call who said I should take her to urgent care. No problem. If they had told me to go to the ER that would have been a different story.

Welp… turns out the one single urgent care open in the Mount on Saturday at 5:30 does not see anyone younger than 12 months. Awesomeness. Head back home. E screams "Why did you have to come back so early" right when I walk in and then proceeds to shed tears. Yeah nice to see you too, kid. After Papa assured her Cinderella would be watched (as he promised, because that's what they do when Mama's gone) E was better. M was still feverish but not nearly as bad. More phone tag with the nurse and not too much temp taking (because who wants that done), we decide to hunker down for the night which was good because Sunday morning M was fine. Virus. I think so.

Lee did have to go out and get a new non-forehead-scanning thermometer. Vicks ones are great. The number readout is big and they are quick.

--- 2 ---

Pillow surfing

She's got the craziest ways of sitting and sleeping… Promise

--- 3 ---

This is what happens when a big girl bed and crib are dumped… I mean when the 'animals are having a meeting'

Well said animal meeting convened and recessed several times this week. Unfortunately for most participants, the Main Boss Lady fired them all because the Ringleader was supposed to be cleaning them up and instead sat around and took off the Assistant's diaper.

Let's just say it was a dramatic and ceremonious taking away of the animals. A few were spared. Like the one on her bed and one under R's bed that I missed. R was able to save a few during the process. As I took the bucket loads upstairs E sobbed "I want them back in one week, no two weeks!"

Two weeks.

No problem. 

--- 4 ---

Speaking of ceremonious takeaways. I ceremoniously asked R to bring me all her undi-wears after school one day and I took those too. Seriously. Seriously. The girl does not care if she has wet shorts/skirts/dresses. Some days she is awesome at using the potty. But she won't tell me she needs to go. Other days like this past one, she was taken to the potty a few times and not once BUT TWICE after going within 15 minutes had an accident. 

So I'm taking the less stressful route here (after a quick mama-friend consult) and putting her back in diapers. My rule is either undies or Pull-Up and if one gets wet then diaper. But like my mama-friend said, it is stressing me out worrying about it so mark a big X over that stressor. I think I was more frustrated that she doesn't seem to care. 

I'm packing up the undies for a month. I'm not buying the high dollar Pull-Ups (aka glorified diapers) either. I'll take her to the potty if she asks (which she does) but for the month of July… Its on her. One day she will care. Nothing like some positive peer pressure at school to kick the ole diaper habit. 

--- 5 ---
Wednesday was St. John the Baptist's birthday… You know 6 months 'til Christmas because Elizabeth was in her 6th month when Mary visited and John leapt in her womb etc etc… Anyways, I was not planning on doing anything other than Vespers but then Kendra inspired me… So we had dirt and worms because JTB ate locusts (okay it's a stretch but a bug's a bug in this house) and what's a feast day without fire? So sparklers it was except E and R would not get near them. I guess I should not complain. E says 'When she's 11" she'll be ready to hold one : )

Celebrating the liturgical year… Round one. Next year's bound to improve. 

Worms? Locusts? Totally the same right…

Feasting on dirt

Did I mention they did not fall asleep until after 9. Sigh

Waiting for Papa to read about how Zachariah got his voice back

--- 6 ---

Lee and I have recently been discussing the contents of the dishwasher. I don't think we actually discussed it on this load but let me give you the gist of the conversation

Lee - Chicky, why are there so many cups in the dishwasher?
Me - … We just used them
Lee - Well why are there so many bowls?
Me - We ate food
Lee - Why are there so many snack containers?
Lee - I was just wondering
Me - Okay, there are two cups from breakfast, plus E's coffee cup, two of R's cups from snack - one from today and one from Friday that was left in the van, two of E's cups from snack - one from today and one from Friday, two cups from lunch, two bowls from breakfast, two bowls from lunch, four snack containers because Friday's were left in the van.
Lee - Well couldn't you have reused some cups?
Me - I guess but that's why we have a dishwasher. 

Not lying we have had similar conversations several times in the past week. 

--- 7 ---

M cracks me up!

This is how she drained 4 oz of milk in three minutes this morning

I promise her neck was not broken in the process

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