Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Quick Ones...

Whatta week

--- 1 ---

So this is how our week started off…

Looking good

Errr… we might have an issue

Houston we have a problem. 

If you missed our Monday illness… check it

--- 2 ---

Tuesday we held down the fort at the house. We did surprisingly well for not having a normal in home routine. We made it outside before the humidity got totally outta control. The girls colored and did dress up and fought and made a huge mess. THEN I had major leverage to get the house put back together. 


Lee got the girls Frozen for the excellent behavior at the dr.'s office (please see above). Said excellence did not maintain itself (are you shocked) into Tuesday SOOOO… when I asked that everything get cleaned up before lunch so they could watch Frozen…. We melted down. 

Then we watched 10 minutes before rest and the remainder after rest. And then what do any normal girls do after watching Frozen? 

Have an ice-skating party of course

The movie might be growing on me… just a tad bit. We may have just finished watching it. Because I vetoed Cinderella. Because R wanted to watch Frozen and E did not. So I was the deciding vote.

--- 3 ---

I made this cake

With helper of course!

It was excellent. Note the chives were not applied to the cake

--- 4 ---

Dress up… 

Here's how a recent conversation went down regarding me trying to gauge thoughts on Disney

Me - What would you think about going to Cinderella's house?
E - NO! I would not
Me - Why? Cinderella's there.
E - The witches are there
Me - No it is just Cinderella and her friends
E - But the stepsisters live there…

It is so funny how real the movies are to little ones

--- 5 ---
Missing the pool much?

E's been having pool time with her animals during rest. Here imagination is just fascinating.

--- 6 ---

Did I mention we are on a princess parade kick 

Flags… Blankets… Accessories… 

--- 7 ---

I finished the stitching of Papa's stocking...

Now I must backstitch… Kinda ready to be done with this one

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