Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What's the deal with Hello Kitty?

Any other Hello Kitty readers out there? Jibbe gave the girls a book with 10 Hello Kitty stories in it. E and R LOVE reading Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty has a sleepover. Hello Kitty visits the USA. Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty! HELLO KITTY!!!

Listening to Lee read E and R Hello Kitty makes me laugh a little because all the other characters in the stories have normal names. Mama. Fifi. Mimi. I get it. But Hello Kitty? Does not fit the name mold. But it does roll off the tongue. 

Not hating on Hello Kitty or anything but just saying try listening to someone read a story and in EVERY SINGLE sentence you hear Hello Kitty (as opposed to just Kitty). I suppose one could make the argument that Curious George is similar in that it is a two part name but Curious George is not Curious Monkey. Also, the name Curious George is very well defined. George was a little monkey and always very curious. I get it. It makes good sense.

You don't get that in depth description with Hello Kitty. Not like, Kitty loved saying Hello to everyone she meets so that's what everyone calls her Hello Kitty. 

Are you still reading? 

Am I missing something glaring obvious? 

Any Hello Kitty theories out there? : )