Monday, July 7, 2014

Answer Me This - Guatemalan at Heart

1. Have you ever walked out of a movie?

Errrr… No? I really cannot remember the last time I went to the movies either. I think movies are generally overpriced and I have to use the {nasty} facilities at least once while watching a movie - so why not just watch movies at home where the bathrooms are clean, the movie can be paused, and the popcorn is not expensive. 

Now if you'd ask Lee he'd tell you something different and it drives him NUTS I don't like going to the movies. I have promised him a date with the next three Star Wars movies whenever they come out so I'm sure he'll hold me to it!

2. Do you abstain from meat on Fridays?

Yes and I (we) try to on Wednesdays too. BUT we are meat eaters through Pentecost and if we are at someones house I definitely don't say anything because we should be fasting/abstaining in secret, right? The girls definitely don't understand it too much but E is picking up on it a little. 

Or like Kendra if it's 4th of July or some {big} reason to celebrate then probably it's okay. But I don't like talking about it so I'll stop. 

3. What do you most often use for blogs and blogging: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone?

I take pictures on el iPhone and then blog on the laptop. Our desktop is on the outs… I think but I really only get on that to get our bills in order. 

4. Have you ever had anything stolen from you?

Hmmm.. Let me get back to you. I don't think so but maybe. Clearly it was not important if it was so I guess that's a good thing. 

5.  Do you identify as a member of a particular ethnic group?

I think I'm want to be Irish because I'm 60-75% Irish me thinks.. Maybe. But if I could chose to identify with one that I am totally unrelated to it would be Guatemalan. Seriously that place has a special place in my heart so that would make me Chapin. 

6. Seen anything weird lately?

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