Monday, July 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Red, White and Blue

God Bless America… Here's what we did to celebrate Independence Day

--- 1 ---

Obligatory Family Pic...

--- 2 ---

Obligatory Sisters Pics

--- 3 ---
We went swimming at Jibbe's

Mental note to self leave a bottle of sunscreen in the van because you'll end up swimming for 4 hours instead of two. 

E and R and M all had a blast. E can touch the bottom of the shallow end and (scarily) discovered there is a deeper part. Healthy fear of the pool… Check. R had a blast kicking around and still enjoys the float that M is pictured in. M was her normal chilled out self and stayed in the pool for 45 minutes probably? Happily floating around and randomly getting dunked under water by yours truly. 

--- 4 ---

After rest Grammy and Grandpa Joe came with cute hats and bubbles and dessert. I think only a third of the quart-o-bubbles is left. 

--- 5 ---
I which I make good on my promise from last year

I really wanted some organic strawberries or something I knew would have excellent strawberry taste because strawberry season around here is over. Anyways, I picked through some pitiful strawberries from the store and found just enough to make it work. 

--- 6 ---

Grammy and Grandpa Joe came bearing (amongst other things) The Best 4th of July Cake EVER. Did I mention my mom missed her calling as a baker?

Yeah White cake with red, white and blue sprinkles… I know I know. Definitely on par with my 4th of July strawberries… 

Hmmm… Except not… 

Grammy wins. Except we all won because we got to eat it. And it was awesome and Lee wants her to make that cake (especially the frosting) at least once a week. 

--- 7 ---

Obligatory family walk after dinner with Grammy and Grandpa Joe

We talked about going to Sunset Beach for pretty much the entire walk…

No parade this year or fireworks or sparklers but over all excellent memories

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  1. Ha, I sent someone to the store for 4th of July dessert because I realized I hadn't actually planned anything... You guys totally win! We had ice cream cake that was NOT patriotic at all, but it was delicious :)

    1. That was me last year. I had to make a resolution right after it happened and picked something out do for next year. You totally could do the strawberries - they are really too easy and too tasty not to. They did take a last minute trip to the grocery but totally doable. You are pregnant so you get a free pass : )