Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blizzard 4.0

And it snowed again last night. We doubled our amount from last time 4 inches

 Amazon came through on our glove situation

Lee stopped at Grammy and Grandpa Joe's to pick up my sled.

We stayed outside for as much prep time as it took to get out the door

Tomorrow I call dibs on taking E and R 'sledding' so Papa will hold it down with M indoors. 

Tonight promises a Facebook recipe of Chicken and Dumplings, Oatmeal Raisin cookies and Snowcream and yes that does sound awesome - doesn't it? And it top it off I think we might cancel bath night because bath nights are just a water balloon full of stress just waiting to explode. 

And we can cancel bath night because there is no school tomorrow and I would be surprised if there is any school for the rest of the week. I've seen more 4-wheelers than cars and the main road we live off of is going to be a sheet-o-ice tomorrow with the morning low of 5. 

I am hoping E's insanely runny nose will slowdown a bit tomorrow. 

I have already started stalking Lands End and LL Bean for deals on snow boots. Unless any of you Northeastern/MidWestern people want to hit up Goodwill for me. I'll take a few pairs of snow boots and snow bibs or snowsuits sizes 12 months - 6X so next year I'll be prepared for this kind of thing and just open up the snow container-o-clothes and roll. 

How do you people up in the snowy snowy areas dress your kids? How many layers? Do you use UnderArmor or something similar? I wore my UnderArmor top and bottom along with jeans and a shirt and a jacket and hat and gloves and was not horribly cold. 

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  1. Hey Dear! I love the post! looks like the girls had fun!! let me know what you are seriously looking for and i'll hit up the sales for winter clothes for you in a few months when the snow starts to melt up here in MN! As for what we dress our kids in for playing out in the snow... thermal wool socks, cotton under garments, jeans, then our snow suits for the kiddos. our mittens up here are pretty cool b/c you can buy kid ones that have extra sleeves up to the elbow, so the snow doesn't get trapped in their coats and hands.

    1. If you come across any 18-24 month snowsuits or size 9-13 snow boots let me know!