Monday, October 14, 2013

The Case for a Ferocious Soccer Team Name...

{or an update on the 3 yr old soccer team}
{{or why 3 and 4 yr olds should play soccer together}}
{{{or these kids are 3 so this should be expected}}}

So we are now half way through the soccer season as of tonight. Let's just say the Caterpillars are not have the 'success' the Fireflies had in the spring. Our team is just so silly. We don't have a leader or two who actually understand that taking the ball from the other team is totally okay so we don't really pack together. Once we have a goal scored on us and I can give the ball to one of the kids who will run the ball down the field - we have a bit of success. Again the Caterpillars are not packers like the other team whose players bunch together and form a wall of defense.

Like I said these kids are 3 so I don't want to say I have no expectations. They do seem to have bit of fun running around and shouting Caterpillars when we do our circle but hopefully they won't be scarred for life : ) Don't think they will...

If you have any BRILLIANT idea as to how to motivate 3 yr olds to chase after AND steal a soccer ball away from the other team please - let's talk. I'm still figuring this out. I have one more plan up my sleeve - we are going to 'practice' our packing and stealing skills as a team of 7 next week. Now I just have to volunteer a parent to the one who has the ball who the kids have to chase. Seriously the kids do great kicking the ball into the goal when we practice but add kids with different colored jerseys and that's where we have some issues...

Here's a few pics courtesy of Nani as proof of the Caterpillar season and proof you can coach a soccer team even when 38 weeks (and change) pregnant.

Laissez fair approach

Directing traffic... 

We got one!

Sometimes I end up with all 7 on the field and other times only about 2-3 

Papa... the motivator

Go go go!

Caterpillars! Everyone is good at this
Can't believe I actually posted this last pic but not ashamed to be 13 days away from having this baby... just not the most flattering pic of my pregnancy.

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