Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Naming Baby Kibbe #3

Awhile back I promised a compiled (and comical) list of name suggestions we have received so far courtesy of my sister-in-law. They are in no particular order. If you want to get in on the Name Game action or just think it is hilarious we name our kids with the same first and middle initials, then let us know what you think baby #3 should be named. I will say that some of these guesses are really good ones and others are straight up out of the question and even if we had 1000 kids would not be used : ) ENJOY!

Mary Margaret
John Joseph James
Catherine Charlotte
David Daniel
Wilbur William
Francis Fabio
Frances Faith
Joel Jethro
Hannah Hazel
Philip Peter
Phyllis Patricia
Patrick Paul
Andrea Ashley
Deborah Denise
Priscilla Penelope
Jennifer Josephine
Cyrus Charles
Matthew Michael
Jesus Javier
Brenda Belinda
Uniqua Ursula
Timothy Tyrone
Ariel Anne
Jonah Jared
Andrew Anderson
Richard Robert
Thomas Tobias
Bobby Babar
Carter Cameron
Morgan Miles
Mildred Michelle
Guinivere Genevieve
Jerry Jeff


  1. Oh gosh... I'm trying to think of some that fit with your current names... I'm thinking:

    Gabriel Gerard
    Joshua Joseph
    Benjamin Barnabas (ok kinda kidding on that one)

    I guess you could have another girl too, huh?

    Anna Abigail
    Josephine Judith
    Martha Marie
    Naomi Nicole

    Ok that's it. I give up. I just can't wait to know what it really is!!!

    1. I can't wait to tell people. For some reason I am particularly excited about the boy name - maybe because we switched it up from the last two times! The girl name will take some getting used to... But I think that will happen with this girl name and any subsequent because there are a TON of boy names we LOVE and 2 girls names. We kinda were just talking and said okay to the girl name...

      A priest friend of ours and his wife just welcomes baby girl #6 a few months ago so we had better start loving on some girl names because Lee is convinced that is going to be us!!!

  2. I love Mary Margaret or Margaret Mary!

    1. : ) there is a Mary Margaret who goes to the Latin parish here in the Mount - where we go to Stations and other sorts of liturgical activities; she would be OVER THE MOON if we had a girl and named her that!!!

  3. Look at these ideas! LOVE! I might be stalking this page in the coming weeks. ~K

    1. Some of them are totally crazy… You can see our oldest was on a Little Mermaid kick so my SIL accounted for that!!!