Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crafty McCrafters

I'll just throw it out there that I am not an overly crafty person. I'm not creative by any means and if I'm going to do a craft I need CLEAR direction. 

Crafting with kids... not my thing either. Why? It is generally messy with a side of sticky glue. Not my activity BUT... preschool homework project definitely broke me into the crafting with kids thing so I'm up for a good craft here and there. Plus I'm one to take one for the team... though maybe just maybe Papa will have to oversee a crafting assignment and you'd better believe that will be properly documented : )

E LOVES crafty homework so this was totally up her alley...

It began with reading Chrysanthemum and the Name Jar (thanks Amazon for that suggestion as E liked that one over the book that went along with the assignment/what they read in class). Reading a book or two with a craft helps me get focused and I'm always up for a {short} book.

If you have a young child read the Name Jar. It is really neat and you'll probably have to Google how to pronounce the main character's name. : )

Okay... back to the homework

No paintbrush? No paint dish... No problem. We improvise around here (and add to supply list later)

We had gone to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies a few days before. R got some stuff too because crafty homework is in her near future too. Seriously didn't dawn on me that we didn't have a paintbrush or a spot to dip paint... Blame bebe #4

I vetoed the neon paint pack but E still went with yellow background : ) 

Olaf help with EVERYTHING around here... 

Onto the decoration part!

Seeing that she is in kindergarten I really wanted to ***try*** to stay out of the bulk of the craft. For the name I had her write each letter and then I made it outlined/bolded so there would be space for the decorations. 

The starting point... 

Gorilla gun WILL NOT take the place of the blasted glue gun

I own a glue gun. I had seen it the day before upstairs when we were organizing. E and I go up the afternoon before the project is due to get the supplies and the glue gun. 

No glue gun. ^10000 because I looked
Enter gorilla glue. 
It wouldn't bind the felt to the paper or the pom-poms either. 
E - Why don't you ask Papa where it is? 
Me - He won't know
{send several frantic texts to borrow a glue gun because a good part of this HAS to be done BEFORE soccer practice}
Attempt to use Elmers... better than nothing

So excited to use the glitter glue completely un-helped

Well it turns out that Papa knew EXACTLY where the glue gun was and HE put it in a box of storage stuff in the dormer next to the craft table. #grrrrrrr

So here's what she came up with... the pasta and the lentils just came out of the pantry after dinner because I was too tired and she was too cranky to get involved in searching for stuff outside (like the sandy A). 

The stamps (background decoration) were something she had been begging to do the night before so the morning of when everything was dry I told her she could stamp away once she was ready to go. Not a huge fan of them but I am letting her own the project so whatever!

Now for E's all-time craziest craft homework... let's not forget that pink turkey!

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