Thursday, October 31, 2013

Theme Thursday - Scary

And the award for most dramatic Turkey Homework goes to....

Okay so the homework said to give the turkey some feathers... And the last two homeworks - Astronaut and Scarecrow were very realistic so I let E run with the pink feathers she saw at Hobby Lobby - only the dark ones in the pack though. AND

Pink button eyes.
Pink pipe cleaner and silver nose.
Pink pipe cleaner arms/wings
Pink button and silver toes.
Golden gobbler.

In case you cannot make out the rest of the 3 yr old fantastic-ness...

Various farm animals with green glitter glue to walk on...
Several golden turkey stamps courtesy of our Hobby Lobby visit
Farm is written in blue glitter glue in just to clarify the setting / to add a few more ounces of glitter to the page.

E was sooooo insanely ready to do her homework right when we walked in the door from Hobby Lobby. You know who is more excited that E's homework is done... Papa. Because can you imagine him trying to regulate/manage homework time? This homework is due on Monday but because I am now 100% convinced this baby actually coming and should be here at any given moment I figured the homework might fall victim to new baby's arrival if we waited until Sunday night...

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  1. But still a brown horse to get the color of the month in. :) Have a great labor!

  2. That is a beautiful turkey - blessings on your impending arrival.

    1. She loves it... so totally is E. She definitely put her personality on paper!

  3. I think my daughter would share her artistic vision. Blessings on your impending arrival!

    1. Between the homework and her vision, I think I'll need stock in Hobby Lobby or Michaels pretty soon. : )

  4. Good luck with the new baby arriving! Hoping you still blog so you can tell me what to expect when I have my third!!
    Love the homework! Being a former teacher I know how hard it is for most kids to want to even do it. You have her excited at a young age!!

    1. Oh I'll be blogging for sure! And the homework is so great! E is always super concerned about when it has to be turned in!!!