Saturday, October 24, 2015

7QTs - Life with Four Kids Five and Under

Just playing catch up!

--- 1 ---

Okay where to pick up after little A entered our world... I think I left a cliffhanger for R's scarecrow homework... 

She glued some straw on the hands and feet and declared him Scaredycrow and that was that. Knocked that out just in time for A's arrival!

--- 2 ---

E's Saint costume is in. The dress has been here for a week and she doesn't know it and it is KILLING her but really... I cannot have her obsessing and needed to try the dress on for days and days and days but I did let her open this: 

If I haven't already said.. this is a perfect clue for who she's going to be. 

--- 3 ---

Grammy and Grandpa Joe brought a cake for A!

It was so good and tasty and gave me a headache each time I ate but that didn't stop me from going back for more. 

--- 4 ---

The first week he was home I tried my hand at getting to school with all four!

Score one for me. Lee basically handled breakfast and packing up and I handled A. It was a good primer for the second week (this week) A was home because Lee was in Chicago for a few days. Grammy was here helping hold down the fort. Getting to school fed, dressed, and on-time is NO JOKE. (amongst other things) 

--- 5 ---

The Best EVER trail mix for post-pardum moms is:

1. Reese's Pieces
2. Peanuts
3. Craisins 
4. Chocolate Chips

All in equal parts

My sister-in-law brought me a bunch of packs... they are especially helpful when packed in baggies because you can grab-and-go. See the trail mix with the library books that we returned... on time!

--- 6 ---

A lived in yellow and green for several days...

But his drawers are filling up with blue and red thanks to some great family and friends - THANK YOU!!!

--- 7 ---

Otherwise it's been the usual shenanigans...

Random dance parties... 


Highly opinionated almost-2-yr-olds!

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