Saturday, October 10, 2015

Keeping it Crafty... With Preschool Homework : )

Well it's that time of the year in the 3 yr old room for some fun fall themed homework. Which means Scarecrow Homework.

We read our two really great books about scarecrows to get some ideas and R and I were off to the races. E was BEGGING to help and M was crawling on the table but M was forced upstairs with Papa (and somehow ended up tattooed with some fresh pen marks). As for E, I tried to keep and her opinions at bay because she's already done this (side note - she looks so little to me in this pic).

We had just enough time to get a good chunk of this done in between our soccer game - go Cobras! and the family reunion. Please note the growing amount of crafting supplies. 

R really wanted to model her scarecrow after Scaredycrow. So I let her run with it because she can lose interest in something really quick so focusing on that was really helpful. 

Very satisfied with the gluing job - and no I did not let her cut out the hat. 

She picked out the shirt and pants and overall glitter glue and pom-poms. The glitter glue was NOT dry when we got home from the reunion. Totally rookie mistake on my part because that stuff takes overnight to dry when it is all blobbed up like that. - which was a problem more than once when R was gluing and sticking on the corn : ( 

Anyhow the homework is done but I'll wait until R brings it to school to do the reveal as she (or the scarecrow) may have something extra up their sleeves! Yes it did take a bit of extra effort on my part but it was fun and great to see R 'own' this and not let E talk her into stuff. I remember doing this homework with E and thinking to myself how I really want to give each of child the time and the space to do stuff like this since I've done it with the first and second, I want to do it with the third and fourth (gasp!). 

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