Friday, October 2, 2015

7QTs - No baby, just checking in

No baby... So I have no real excuse for not posting so here's to catching up!

--- 1 ---

Just to start things out on a baby note... 

Most creative announcement ever...


If this mama had a blog I'd read it but for now we are just FB friends

--- 2 ---

In other bebe related news...

Last week I was up two nights in a row from the tune of 1:00-5:15 and 2:00-4:30

Just getting my brain in baby mode I guess. One morning after being up with a coughing M and a bad-dreaming E, and trying to go back to sleep - which wasn't happening - I just turned on the coffee pot and started the day in the 3 o'clock hr. Then I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch after half a cup of coffee...

--- 3 ---

Let's discuss how much these girls love their papa...

ANYTHING to spend time with him

R was never much of the riding type but I think M's going to take E's spot on Papa's lap for mowing sessions

--- 4 ---
Back in the day... at our old house, Lee and Jibbe used to keep up a pretty massive garden. Well we moved, got busier, and really don't have a super sunny spot for a garden so two weeks ago we hit up the Farmers Market for some corn.

Maybe a little more than some.. 

I think it was 70 ears

Now there will be 'good corn' for Thanksgiving's corn pudding. And if you don't know what corn pudding is then you are missing out. I didn't know what it was until Lee and I met and it is hands down fantastic and is a huge hit among people (my side of the family's Thanksgiving dinner) who only get it once a year!


The girls were a great help. I think this might have been the day E fell off her gymnastics swing after helping so that was a bit dramatic and probably really really really hurt but she's no worse for the wear.

--- 5 ---

Soccer is going swimmingly... Our first game was canceled. I canceled practice last night because of rain and our game this weekend has already been canceled...

M's been holding the fort down with Papa during practice

Though she loves to put on R's sweaty shoes as soon as we walk in the door

And she gets super mad when she finds out we've already been to soccer.. The life of an almost 2 yr old. Hopefully she'll forgive us when we bring home this new baby... though I am guessing M is going to win Helper of the Year
--- 6 ---

My mind is blown... 
So tiny!

Last weekend after several afternoons and evenings of contraction (but nothing serious) Lee kinda was like... Are you ready for this baby? 

So I dragged out the newborn box full of everything green and yellow. Found the bottles and the pump and the tiniest onesies. Washed everything so it smelled nice for baby. Packed a bag. Figured out the infant carseat I have might be more worn out than I thought - I (and Lee) cannot get the darn thing LATCHed or belted into the van tight - it is highly disappointing because these new infant carriers are super massive and weigh a ton. That's one thing that remains floating out there is what to do about that situation : ( 

Lee painted the bedroom and we are getting the rocker/ottoman (thanks Craigslist find from 3.5 years ago) recovered. It is probably my single favorite to sit and nurse a baby and it was in DESPERATE need of some TLC

--- 7 ---

I'll leave you on a rainy note from LAST week which will give you a clue about THIS week as the rain keeps on coming but it seems as if the hurricane is not...

Oh to be 3 again!


  1. Corn Pudding??? I'll have to see if Brian can tell me anything about that! Maybe it is a special that his sister can make!!! His mom used to make the BEST chocolate pie, and his sister tries her best, but although hers is delicious, it is just NOT his Mom's chocolate pie! A treat we will never have again :(

    I'm gonna have to make it to the farmer's market before they close for the winter! We have a small garden in the backyard, but we only ended up with about 10 ears of corn, and a handful of butterbeans, and a handful of peas. (literally, we got about a meal's worth of each of them, after ALL that watering we did all summer!)

  2. My dad is to cabbage, turnip greens, and collards. Collards are for sale now. Ps I love puddle jumping.

  3. Corn looks good! How many weeks are you now? Good luck with the little one! There's a great page called Car Seats for The Littles with good advice, or The Carseat Lady... they may be able to recommend an inexpensive and light weight infant seat for ya!