Monday, February 22, 2016

7 Quick Takes - Late Marti Gras, St. Valentines, Van Crashes

This week has been an interesting week to say the least!

--- 1 ---

So Lent started and then we had Marti Gras... 

Better late than never but you can blame the Superbowl on that schedule conflict

King Cake anyone? 

E has been talking about the baby in the King Cake for awhile because a couple years ago she got it and thought it was awesome. (If you get the baby you have to bring the cake to next year's party)

Cupcakes, oranges and milk

The girls got to pick which color they wanted their slice of cake out of. I think E picked yellow and R wanted green. They dug through their pieces to see if the baby was in their piece

I was eating my piece and realized I ended up with the baby!

Overheard and announced for many to hear...

R - Mama got the baby because there's a baby in her tummy?


Lee was sick so he didn't come which meant I didn't have loads of free hands to hold A so he got sent to bed early

Taking pics with them is comical


After Fat Saturday I went running...

In the freezing freezing cold. I was running 5-7 miles on Sundays to get ready for the half marathon in April but the previous Sunday it was raining and cold so I passed. I only ran 3 miles and it was a cold 3 miles. I think today its supposed to be in the 60s so I am hopeful... I have got to run at least 10 miles once to make sure I'm up for the 13.1 - Maybe even 12.5 if A is behaving. Which makes me remember I've got to get him using a sip cup or bottle before April!

NB - I did go 7.5 miles plus practiced for the Rocket Mile with E and R (E called R a cheater because she didn't go all the way up the hill and let me tell you how that went over). Plus E informed me that it looked like I had another baby in my tummy - sooooo I hope I cleared up for her that she really ought not point that out unless she KNOWS there's actually baby because that might just motivate me (and anyone else she's told) to do a hundred million sit ups a day!


Homemade Valentines are the best

Then we celebrated (st) valentines day on Sunday. With all the sugary mess that was consumed and came home from the school parties we steered clear of giving candy and since we have an EXCESSIVE amount of stuffed animals and baby dolls here we didn't 'do' those either. We gave them a trip out with each of us (parents). Lee is taking E to a ballet and R to a baseball game and M out somewhere - probably dinner or lunch. I'm taking them to get donuts or something simple but fun they can cash in on : ) 

How do you read with more than 2 kids?

I like reading on the couch or in bed with the kids but seriously having three who want to look at the pics makes for a juggling act of who is sitting where and I-can't-see and lobbying for more space and My-books-first. I need some sort of 180 degree chair that has a drop in seat for me and seating above so everyone can see and have a spot
The big girls moved last week... 

Bed and all

Upstairs... Free from M's nightly chatter. Though I am quite convinced M and E together was the issue. Anyhow, R upgraded bed and their room got a fresh coat of paints. I LOVE these colors because the room is so them - the bedding doesn't 100% match but I really don't care. I've got this neat Dr. Seuss puzzle we are going to put together, glue and frame for the room. Other than the bed - which was my best snag on Craigslist to date - there is very little up there. Their Legos are right down the hall and really they don't need to drag a bunch of their stuff up there only to junk up another room. Even books have been kept to a minimum... Plus I still have dibs on their closet for kids clothes which is probably a good thing because the closet in M's room drives me nuts because there's animals and babies and books and Legos and MagnaTiles everywhere and as soon as I semi-organize the books they are back down on the floor. 


When Lee moved the bed upstairs he unearthed a mountain of treasures from behind the bed...

Including E's prized pink calculator from a few years ago that M is trying to make her own by snatching it from the counter and hiding it where no one can find it


Ahhh... and the craziest part of the week...

Someone running a stop sign and getting in a wreck with me/us. PEOPLE GET OFF YOUR BLEEPING PHONES. (Myself included) This girl just had the phone to her ear (I saw the wreck coming - honking and slamming on brakes made things way not as bad) and I pretty much never want to touch my phone again in the car if I'm driving. Side note - I someone emailing (or texting) while driving in terrible rush hour traffic in Raleigh-wood. WHAT A FOOL.

Anyways, R, M and A were with me because Lee had taken E to school since he was serving a Mass. Thank goodness E wasn't in the car because she probably would have LOST IT. I don't think the girls understood what happened. A trooper pulled up to the accident before I even got through on 911. R was crying about being late for school. M was laughing about how she just pee-peed in her pull-up (on the FIRST DAY I sent her to school in undies) but she was lying so it was okay. A was screaming because he was tired. The cop asks me if there is anyone who is going to come and help me with the kids and I tell him 'Nope'. Because when you're in an accident at 7:55 and Mass starts at 8 you probably won't hear from you husband for at least another hour


The other driver was super nice an apologetic. There were several people - neighbors, preschool moms etc etc - who stopped to see if we needed help (hello small town). But really it wasn't terrible - it could have been way worse.

But my seatbelt was locked up and the airbag sensors were blinking so let's play the game of - can you find a rental minivan? Yeah not so easy in a smaller town and no, nice Rental Company lady I don't need a SUV with a third row that will 'just get me up and going' because moving 4 carseats around is super annoying and I'm only doing it once

Four kids treasure is one mama's trash! Gracious the van was totally trashed. I found socks and shoes and stickers and enough crumbs to feed an entire ant colony. 

Can you spot all 5 carseats? - The booster (for Lee's car) M's purple is hidden under that, R's pink, A's infant bucket base, and E's mammoth zebra print that likely weighs more than her

So praise the Lord no one was hurt because moving four carseats is way easier than visiting four kids in the hospital. Now we watch and wait for the van to be put back together again and see if the insurance company will be replacing all four of these carseats - I'll keep you posted because replacing these things will be in the $800-$1000 range - easy. 

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