Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's Party Like It's Lent

Actually Lent started Sunday night around these (Eastern Catholic) parts but since today kicks off Lent (hi, Ash Wednesday) BUT it was R's actual birthday so we celebrated : )

One year away from a full hand of years!

Waffles for breakfast... because that's what she wanted

It is way better than last year's debacle involving baking SODA. Though I did call Lee to find out why the waffle iron was oozing with butter... SO. MUCH. BUTTER. Thank you recipe that calls for anywhere between a half stick and two sticks?!?!?!

 Well the waffles were darn good so whatever. 

The sisters... 

Picture taking has never been more difficult


R has been asking about turning four for weeks. Every time we would talk about her birthday and tell her it was a few weeks away she'd always follow it with - It my birthday tomorrow? and then get very upset and cry when we told her it was not in fact tomorrow. 

She took some popcorn, cookies and juice boxes for snack at school and then we had round 2 of cake and presents after dinner (we had her birthday party on Saturday with friends and family). 

She really appreciated her cards and presents and was quite excited by them. 

Her expression in this one sums up the night

I had to include this picture because E made R 2 cards and one envelope (it looks like a mailbox) and E used all her Hello Kitty stickers in the process : ) 

Happy Birthday sweet R. 

You are such a caring and happy girl. You are stuck in the middle of two sisters who you love and you can easily swing playing big things with E or playing little things with M. You LOVE LOVE LOVE to play with Legos (yes the little ones). You spend many afternoons playing house or holding court with all your little people. Books and Legos were the only thing you asked for your birthday (and you made out like a bandit). You are very observant - you woke up this morning and saw A laying on the floor and said, "mama, he is so beautiful." You love looking at books. You can be very reserved until EVERYTHING comes tumbling out in an emotional whirlwind. You like to sing especially songs from Frozen. Anna and Elsa are your favorites. You usually get stuck being Anna when E is around but you don't mind (Anna is the hero in the story, right?). My favorite memory from this year was you finishing the Rocket Mile. I signed up you just so you'd have a number and shirt like E but my hopes for you finishing were next to nothing. You proved me wrong. So wrong. When you crossed that finish line after we chatted it up almost 19 minutes, I could not have been prouder of you. You are such a joy my not-so-little R and we cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve this year!

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