Monday, February 1, 2016

7QTs - Icy Days and Other Happenings

Now that I just wasted 140 minutes on the phone with about my 1095-A tax form and NO, I cannot get someone from Blue Cross on the phone to conference in because it is 9:45 at night! Anyways, anyways... Here's what's been happening...

--- 1 ---

E has been begging to go to swim lessons so I finally got my act together and signed them up...

They are private lessons because the cost was nearly the same and I got to pick the dates. Which has been good and bad because we've only had two of the four lessons so maybe group lessons will be in order. 


M has gotten in on the ballet performance action...

They are so cute!

And they practice all their moves and put on quite a show!


Hmmm... What else. E has been bugging me to help her with this: 

Teaching a child to cross stitch - when they don't understand reading the pattern - is not for the faint of heart. She gets the making the Xs but actually reading the pattern to determine where the Xs go is a totally other story. She is bound and determined though!

Oh and then it snowed and mainly iced the Friday before last. Which was a bummer because if it had been snow then it would have been loads of fun but then it was more like... oh the lights are flickering... I think we will fill up the bath tub because the well pump won't work. Oh, Lee don't you want to start a fire in case the power goes out and then you won't have to start it in the middle of the night (that'd be a no). So I hunkered down with my candle on the table and hoped for the best (but then ours didn't go out - but a number of people's power did so we were fortunate).

I was trying so hard to avoid going outside because it was mostly gross and ice plus for every minute they are outside it probably took at least 3 minutes of prep work to get them dressed to go out. BUT I gave in...

No sledding like last year so making do with the circumstances

We have the best-est neighbors ever!

Pretty snow!


Enough with all the girls... 

This boy... I kinda really like him. Though I am nearly convinced he has some sort of colic or something because I think he digested only half of what he consumes. 


We could resist taking pics with little brother! 

Mom, what is going on?

She's totally flopped me over!

Yeah, I'm at least half her size and a seventh her age!


Let's see its Catholic School Week and I've got a post cooking for that. 

I need to post about last week and I also want to post about our trip to Charleston so...  I have high hopes that there will be at least another post this week. 

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