Monday, May 2, 2016

7QTs - Acorns, Cheerios and Fun in the Rain!

Oh what a week...

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Last Friday we had a playdate at our house and this is what it consisted of:

Lots of rain

And no thunder. 

The girls has a blast because it is probably the first time they've played in the rain like this and they were out there for at least 30 minutes. And no one caught pneumonia and no one cracked their head on the super slick garage floor. 


The next day E and R were playing "mail"

Which was this bizarre game of them dropping leaves around the sideway and driveway. There is now one section of one tree that is quite barren. Though I did convince E to climb the tree to get more leaves because I wouldn't pull them down for her - and she actually did it. 

I figure I have way more problems than one tree missing some leaves so that's why I didn't stop them. 


Sunday we went to Grammy's

And played hide-and-seek in the park

And took Grady on a walk with Grandpa Joe

These girls are too peas in a pod!


If you have read this blog for any length of time you might remember we throw our bread scraps and other crumbs to the squirrels affectionately known as Buddy or ardilla. Well here's what I found one afternoon:

Me - M, stop eating the Cheerios off the steps

The second time I caught her...

Me - M, Stop!
M - Look the bee-bus.
Me - M, they are gross!
M - They not dirty!


Grandpa Joe pulled this gem out of one of his flower pots.

Papa - Oh I give a homily about this!

I had never seen this stage of the acorn-to-oak tree. It was super cool and E took it to school the next day and it came home in pieces so R couldn't. Maybe I should have sent it with R first. Well anyhow, this came in perfectly handy with some of E's homework because she had to write about a plant. She could pick any one but after some debate over flowers and tree she settled on the oak tree.

The first 2 sentences were pretty easy for her to come up with because they were about acorns but then for the last 2 she did NOT want to write about a season (spring = pollen, fall = colorful leaves, winter = no leaves) because that would make the sentence long. So then we had to clarify that trees do not have stems they have trunks and trunks have rings for each year the tree is alive and 25 minutes later I couldn't pronounce the Latin words for oak tree; the rings sentence was way longer than any seasonal non-sentence but what do I know?

We got to visit the chicks that hatched in E's class


A is so so so crazy...

Either that or he has got me completely wrapped around his finger. It is so hard to listen to him cry and if he is awake he wants to be nursing, eating or being held. However, this is not conducive to getting ANYTHING done so - like most things it seems - I just do whatever halfway. Why is table wiped off and the dishes still on the sink? Blame A. Why is our bed made only half the time? Thank Sir A. Why can't you sit down and eat dinner with us Mama? Ask your brother.

At this point, I have come to accept any number of things won't be done or they won't be done very well or completely. That's just what this stage of life is like. Maybe A will decide he likes his jumper thing. Or maybe he'll figure out how to stuff Cheerios in his mouth by himself. But I'm mostly okay with how we roll because he is so cute and I don't want to rush him.

I'm quite sure I have one of the preschool songs in my head on repeat - Peace, patience, love and joy... gifts of the Holy Spirit. Especially when I'm not feeling any of the gifts. 


It is so interesting to see/watch siblings interests evolve.

When E was 2-ish she ALWAYS had to ride on the mower with Papa, as soon as she heard it. She was ready. Now E still likes to ride but she's got other things on her mind plus she's getting slightly on the bigger side : ) R will ride occasionally but really it has never been her 'thing'. She'll ride for a few minutes and she's done. M is going to be Papa's mowing partner for sure. She loves to ride and has to ride with her hat. I can definitely see her just riding along, singing whatever song comes to her mind - just like E used to. 


  1. You get more done with a nursing baby than most Moms I know (especially ME at that stage!). . . you seriously blow me away, Super-Mom! You can WALK and NURSE at the same time!!! ;)
    And I LOVE that outfit on M!!! Just as cute as it was on our M and T ;)

    1. : ) You are so kind! That dress has been a go to for all the girls! It is so funny to me how they can latch on to the same outfits!