Wednesday, June 8, 2016

7QTs - School, Summer, Parties

We made it through the end of the school year... 

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The preschool year would not be complete without the end of year party: 

R had fun running wild with her friends and playing a few games

And she got her summertime fun bucket which she and E and M unloaded on multiple occasions but I think we finally emptied it for good. 


Then it was the end of year preschool program; she and her whole class were a big ball of nerves for the Christmas program but they were calmer and louder and more into this time.  

This might as well serve as hew last day of school pic so here's the first one:



Following our muddy Memorial Day Weekend, E has her AHG award/advancement:

She was the only Pathfinder in the troop this year 

She's excited to be a Tenderheart next year because she'll get to start earning badges - she is very interested in the Needlecraft one already!  


M has been telling me forever that she wants her book bag to match one of her friend's so when LL Bean had 10% off I jumped on it because they pretty much never discount anything too much and the one time I waited until it was for real on sale - they sold out! But they offer free shipping so I can 'feel better' about only 10% discount

She had no idea what it was

So happy to be matching 

And she's off and she'll have her own first day pic in 3 months!


Last day of school for E pic: 

I really do tell her daily that I miss her front teeth

And now for the first day of school pic:

Oh you know just missing an entire family member!
And their hair was so short!


The last hoo-rah was the kindergarten graduation. I didn't graduate from kindergarten so I'm not going to get into the ins and outs of making a big deal about it... I'll just roll with it

The kids did a little program with a songs - it was way cute and E has been practicing her lines for weeks

Apparently we have a future dentist in the house - a kids one (I was told today)

Yay cake!

Papa was able to make it from work!


Beginning of the summer

Wouldn't be complete without freeze pops from the pool 

See you on the flip side of the summer, book bags....

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