Wednesday, June 29, 2016

7QTs - Big Pillows, Helpers, Cute Drawings

Here we go... 


Because everyone needs a pair of glow in the dark glasses from their sister's end of year bucket!


A's not quite sold on the pool but I did finally get him in. I got him a few reusable swim diapers because the disposables do the exact same thing and I'm the washing machine is rinsing bathing suits every other day around here. I need to try the mesh wrap that a friend loaned me but I'm not much of a wrapper - I 'get' the buckle carriers :  )

Also the pool put down these rubber restaurant mats in one of the corners of the pool deck and it is the perfect spot to put him down when either of us needs a break. 


R is having a rocking time in the pool and getting a bit more confident swimming - though I am not 100% sure she'll make it to swimming 6 and under this season - which is totally fine, I mean come on she's 4. Offer stands for racing bathing suit when she does though!


M would love to claim ignorant on how to help with the laundry and I'll admit sometimes it is way easier to let her lounge about and be cute. However, she can in fact sort the clothes from the PJs and put them in baskets. Sometimes it takes a little prodding and it is BOUND to take FOREVER but I usually have so much wash to do on Saturdays that it doesn't matter how long she takes! Then getting R and/or E to inside them out is long, drawn out screaming match waiting to happen!


R's version of our family is awesome. I love the way she draws her people


There was a sextuplet pillow that fell into M's bowl early one morning and she got a few other doubles so I snuck it out and put it back in the box for E to find because I knew she'd freak out.


Well it has taken forever to get this post cranked out so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. I have a few more pics from last week that I'll add to the next post.

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