Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Swim Meet of 2016

Welp the first swim meet of the summer is in the books...

Love her!

Ready for Pup Squad

Thinking about jumping in 

And she's off

A fun lap!

Papa and M barely squeaked in to see R race - but they did. It was crazy hot so M and A went home with Papa. R was given the choice but stayed and I think she wished she went on home because I heard a lot of - I'm boreds and I'm hungrys. 

E was up swimming 6 and under freestyle

Freestyle is the last event so she had a long wait to swim. I told her to swim another stroke or two so she wouldn't be so bored next week. She was way nervous about doing the one.

Thank you screenshots from the video I took

There were 3 other girls swimming in the first heat (and only) heat with her. She finished fourth. She raced over to the score table to find out how she did. When she realized she didn't get that blue ribbon  I think she was bummed. But we were all really excited for her and we had fun in the sweltering heat cheering everyone on. 

They paused for a moment during Sno Ball eating to give me this

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