Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas in the Yard Ideas...

With all the Christmas lights up around I have been wondering what to do at our house - specifically in the yard. Inside, I know we will have the tree and Nativity set but outside is a different ball game. Last year in the old house I did not mess with anything Christmas other than our fake little tree because we were moving in 2.5 weeks - but now we are here to stay and I can start collecting stuff to put up in the yard.

Here is what I am thinking - its all in my head and I have no idea how anything will turn out. Candles in the windows - the people who built our house were geniuses and have a special switch upstairs that turns all the plugs on but the windows upstairs. Wreathes in the windows? That would require ten. I would love to do luminaries along the walkway but I would have to have electric ones before there is no way I am going outside to blow out candles. Then along the drive way I found these sweet red candles - and love them but of course Amazon is sold out (thumbs down)

So I found these nifty candy cane stick arches which are classy, right? I think we'd need about 10 packs... 

For the rest of the yard, maybe a few fake little trees and a spotlight on the house. Or maybe not on the trees. No lights on the house for a few reasons. 

A. I am planning on doing this decorating myself during the day on 12/24 while Lee is at church and the kids are... TBA. 
B. I am not getting on a ladder by myself
C. I am not a staple gun fan
D. I would never get Lee to take them down - he hates ladders
E. I have the inside of the house to do too - tree with lights and ornaments 
F. Hopefully I'll have a half day to do this because I will likely have to work until lunch

I am really exciting about the big change nothing to a lot for the transition from Advent to Christmas time. E keeps on asking "It is Christmastime?" and we tell her it will be here soon. Hopefully we'll get a bigger rise out of her than we did with St. Nicholas this year because she cared but then kind of didn't. 

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