Thursday, December 27, 2012

Real Life - Christmas Cards

I figure this is a fitting topic as we are knee deep in the Christmas season...

Don't you love taking Christmas card pics?

1. To date I have mailed 130 Christmas cards, hand delivered 5 and have 4 addresses that I am missing. I have no idea the number of different states but I would guess at least 12, one card went to Canada.

2. I addressed most of our card with the family's last name - no Mr and Mrs etc. Why I have no idea...

3. I addressed a few of our cards to kids of the house - because what kids don't like receiving mail. One card was addressed to a baby who will not be born until April so hopefully her parents opened it for her and got a good chuckle.

4. I let E tell me who she wanted to send some cards to. For a few of her friends who have younger siblings we had to send them to the friend, sibling and Mama. That did not happen. She wanted to send one to a little boy in her class. Gah! Eye roll! I relented and said what the heck it is Christmas time - but come to find out she always has to sit next to this little guy during circle time... Silly 2 yr olds

5. I spent more on postage that I did on the cards...

6. The sisters pic was seriously the first pic I snapped of them. I took about fifty and all the rest were not great. But the above pic was the most hilarious pic of them but clearly I did not choose this one for the card.

7. I handwrote the addresses but printed our return address. One in red and one in green. Yes I am a Christmas nerd.

8. We have probably received about 20-25 cards. Its better to give than receive right? Seriously I think I am going to weed some names out next year only because our list is based on our wedding invitee list - and that is going to be 5 yrs old next year! gasp!!!

9. Last year we received a Christmas card the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year I think we did not receive one until after our vacation... so around December 10. I don't send ours out until less than 7 days until Christmas. Partly an Advent thing. Partly because I usually don't have my act together!

10. I don't know if its a Mid-West thing but it seems like we get a number of the long family essays from people in the MW or roots there. I think they are AWESOME. I would not have the patience to write a page. Maybe next year I'll include a link to the blog on the card... NOT!

To reminiscence on Christmas cards of the past... and this years. Who knows what the cards of Christmas future will hold!

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012

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  1. I love Christmas card pictures. I frame them each year and it's always a very special weepy moment when I haul them out of the Christmas box. Everyone runs, lest they deal with "WHERE HAVE MY TINY BABIES GONE?" all afternoon.

    And ditto on the spending more on postage than on the cards. So dumb.

    1. I am super afraid of the group shot this year with a 6 week old given the first pic of this post!!!

      I wish they made forever christmas stamps but I'm sure USPS never will - they have go to make a KILLING on Christmas stamps. and I always get the Madonna and Child stamp : )

  2. I just LOVE that picture. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for linking to it. Looks very, very familiar. :)

    1. Last year's card taking session was summed up by that picture. This year M was too small for me to let them go at it like that. I have extremely high hopes for a fantastic outtake in 2014!