Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So this is the twos that everyone dreads...aka the TRYING TWOS

Up until we got back from our trip I had forgotten the phrase the terrible twos. And while our twos are not 'terrible' she definitely has become more trying in the past few days. Example yesterday E woke up from her nap with an awful attitude. She and R were supposed to have their pics taken. The night ended in a car ride without a shirt on and no pics of E. 

Tonight it was controversy over brushing teeth? I ask her nicely patiently to brush teeth twice and counted to three etc and nothing. Enter raging E. Won't stay in her big girl bed put her in her crib and try and climb out E. Not recognizable child/behavior/attitude... 

Then 5 minutes later she comes out pitiful little baby. Hello?!?!?! Where is my child going during these fits of anger? I am not going to back down on things that I ask her to do... aka brushing teeth and if it does not happen when I ask and when I try and help. It is over. 

If I thought that she did not understand what I was asking or if she was not obedient most often then not it would be different but I feel like I am being disrespected by my two yr old - which is not okay with me. I am sure everyone has moments like these and I know we will get through it but I think standing firm, correcting inappropriate behavior and hugs at the end will get us where we need to be.

Ideas? Anyone?

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  1. We have had the same things with our 2 1/2 year old this past month. We thought since our 10 month is walking/crawling she was getting less attention so we tried more one on one time. It's getting a bit better but we also noticed she seems to need more sleep lately. Hoping its just a quick stage for us both!
    Love the stocking you are making. I thought I was being impressive by ironing on names....

  2. @katie - I have heard similar things about the mobility. also we are trying to avoid the sugar crash but having a snack in the afternoon which has helped but sometimes she just needs some time to herself...

    The stockings are a labor of love! They are an insane amount of time/work. Thanks!!!