Friday, December 7, 2012

Another 7 Quick Takes for an Unusual Friday (version 2)

--- 1 ---
I cannot believe that we actually made it down to the beach. Sunday after E and my bout with some crazy food poisoning or something I really was questioning making the trip. So glad that Papa and R were spared and we made it off. I promise a more detailed (but not too detailed report soon)

--- 2 ---
I have no idea what I am going to hang over E's head now that the pool and beach are not a 2 minute walk away. "If you want to go to the pool you better get back on your bed" : )

--- 3 ---
I wonder how I am going to tell E that the nail polish has to come off her toenails. We let E have painted toes only for the beach. She has been interested in painting nails since last summer and Lee and I are not big fans of little girls having their nails painted so this was a big treat for her. She was so thrilled to get them painted and kept telling me it was tickling her.

--- 4 ---
Everyday now since Monday R has fallen asleep on Aunt Mary's lap. I am thrilled she is going to sleep but she won't ever fall asleep like that on me! So I am trying not to be too jealous : ) I hope when I am older I can be a baby whisperer too!
--- 5 ---
Thinking about if we are going to make our connection in ATL or if we will be making the midnight drive back to the Mount. Hoping for the former, planning on the latter.
--- 6 ---
Very thankful for the opportunity to come on our family trip and the people who helped us out (Jibbe and Aunt Mary). We have had such a great time but I think we are all ready to get back home to our friends and routine!
--- 7 ---
I'll post a full detailed report when we get back States side and the laundry is done - or at least part done. I have so much to say!

Hasta luego DR - it has been real fun!

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