Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Nutcracker Adventure!

Some of us insanely brave mamas sought to make an adventure of taking our young daughters ages 2 and 3 to the Nutcracker in Raleigh-world. Brave you say?

Are you brave enough to risky losing the ever necessary afternoon nap?

Are you brave enough to bring noisy kiddos to a not entirely kid friendly environment?

Well we were and the girls were great! First we had to get all the carseats aligned in the third row- thank minivan!

We came prepared with drinks and snacks - which there are currently remnants in the van.

We got there with 2.5 secs to spare and even made it to the potty! Yes we are that good.

Planned on leaving at intermission but we are gluttons for punishment - I mean haven't had a meltdown so what the heck.

Got a snack - no liquid for E lest we risk a run to the restroom.

Used the two lollipops I had in my purse from the DR trip to pull us through the end.

Wow that's a lot there! But wait we head to melting pot for dinner and survive that too!!!

E melted down on the way home which I was just thrilled she was not doing it in public and really had little behavior/attitude/listening problems from her so I definitely was not upset.

I cannot wait to hear about what she remembers/ liked! She loved the Christmas tree and Nutcracker while the ballet was going on. I really did have an enjoyable time and could definitely see making a trip to the Nutcracker an annual mama daughter thing because who knows how the papas would handle it! I know they would step up to the plate for their little girls but it sure would be fun to hear about!

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