Thursday, December 20, 2012

T-Minus 5 days... A reflection on the final days of Advent

Okay I admit I am getting super excited for Christmas. I had to open up all the Christmas lights I got on Amazon to make sure that they were not broken - no really it did say that on the boxes. Seeing the lights really brings my mind into the holiday season Christmas spirit. I have not put the lights up yet but I am already seeing the lights up in the yard in my mind.

The tree remains outside much to Elizabeth's disappointment. The anticipation of the feast of Christmas is certainly building in the final days of the Advent fast. We are waiting in darkness for the light of Christmas.

I was recently asked if we celebrating Christmas because I told someone we did not have our tree set up. I assured this good friend that we did despite delaying our Christmas tree set up.

Lee was speculating this morning about how long we would keep our lights up as I was testing the final strings. I told him February 2. He looked at me and laughed. I told him that it is only fair if our neighbors can put their trees up in late November and keep them up until early January then it is only fair that we put our tree up in late December then we can keep it up until early February - effectively the same amount of time.

In regards to the other parts of house decorating, I was unsuccessful in finding 10 reasonable priced wreaths for the windows and front door. I am hoping that we can make some decorating amendments in the few days after December 25 when all the stores have the Christmas stuff insanely marked down.

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