Wednesday, December 5, 2012

R is for Rawwwwwr, St. Nicholas and Happy Birthday!

R has recently taken up roaring. It is her insanely cute way of communicating and if you roar at her she will roar at you back! I think it comes from one of her bedtime staples - Hide and Seek in the Jungle. She gets especially into roaring when we are on the tiger page of that book. 

In other news, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of St. Nicholas tonight. We are going to do Vespers and he will either come after dinner or during the night. I am thinking it will be a night time arrival this year. E seems to be okay with parting with a few toys other things; R clearly does not get it but I am sure E will fill her in next year. 

And its Uncle Kevin's birthday today! I know E is going to enjoy eating your cake this weekend and getting spun around on the floor! Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy it : )

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