Friday, July 5, 2013

Big Plans for 4th of July... Next year

Okay the mama guilt of not being patriotic this July 4th is slowing wearing off (slash almost gone) BUT here is my ideas for next year. Though we are leaps and bounds ahead of last year. At least we made it to the parade!

A. Shirts... I am sure I can get a steal on any one of these shirts for next year (I'll just have to be on my A Game to make sure baby has something too)

Old Navy, why do you date your shirts?

Totally cute last two, no? Thank you Gap. How about I'll need sizes 4 and 2 for next year (gasp? tear?). Don't even know what to think about that! - so I'll just ignore reality

B. I poked around on a few other blogs and came across this one, which led me to this one.

How fantastic does that look? Let me tell you, check out the link and you'll see its INSANELY easy too. Fantastic + festive + easy = Right up my alley! 

Now you gotta hold me to it people. Don't let me be a slacker again. : ) 

Happy Weekend! Happy Weekend! Happyyyyyy Weeeeek-endddd!!! 

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