Thursday, October 24, 2013

September Monthly Update

Told you the computer was fixed... Now just to get my act together and post about 15 more of these. Gotta to start somewhere...

September = the start of preschool. E was way excited about starting 3 yr old class - I'm sorry how did that happen??? She goes 5 days a week as opposed to 2 days - with her 2 yr old class so she was glad to not be with the babies in MMO. R is enjoying her time in MMO and has a cute little boy friend in the class. 

Waffles = Kibbe family breakfast tradition for bdays and other special occasions... The waffle iron overflow-th.. oops!

Cheeeeeeeese....R shouts for her C-up and to EAT every single morning

Hello! I'm going to 3 yr old class!

Obligatory 1st day of school picture outside the casa

You're going to 2 yr old class next year R!

E was given {almost} complete decision making power on the shoes, can you tell?

Giving R a squeeze before going to class

Pigtails ROCK!

First day with pigtails - and R does not pull them out like she pulled out the single pony!

This is a pic from the day we hosted a pig picking at our house. Which is also the day that Lee - ahem - broke the camera so we actually don't have any pictures from the pig pickin'. Just know it was EPIC and we'll be doing it again and it was loads of fun. 

Cheesing on the trike!

The sisters!!!

Loving our Papa and our Ninis!

The afternoons in September were nice so we spent lots of time outside on the swingset - which has been worth every penny. Pushing the girls on the other hand is a TON of work... 

Swingset bliss!

Sand dumping bliss!

Watching sis on the slide

A peaceful moment in the sandbox

E looks so grown up in the pic to me!

Horsey swing

Fast forward a hot minute and the girls and I retreated to Sunset Beach with Grammy and Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kevin for a few days while all the crazy house reno stuff was going on. Hopefully we'll make a McVerry Sunset Beach Tradition out of it. It was a bummer Papa could not be there but he had to work and hold down the fort. Yes being pregnant and wearing a bathing suit is a fantastic confidence booster {not!} and survival at the beach with two kids 3 and under is only possible with 50000000 sets of hands and a Sesame Street DVD. 

Goggles from swim class + life vest from Uncle Kev + Ariel pajamas 

The wide open sea!

Sand! Sand! SAND!!!

I think I'll knock this down now

The ONE single time E was brave enough to go out for a boat ride

Watching E and Uncle Kev in the boat

Pre-meal meltdown!

Water for the sand work

The sand workers

Grandpa Joe post run!

Swingy-swing in the ocean - E's fav!

Showing off the life jacket

Somehow the stroller did not make it in the van... Epic parental failure!

Sunset Beach Cab Co.

Enjoying the ocean even though it was FREEZING!

R was super fearless

Hi! I love the beach and won't sit still for anything

R is going to be a future surfer girl! Look at that knee action!

Digging.. digging... digging

Running away from the waves

Grandpa Joe laughing at the waves!

Yup... typical my dad!

E laughing at the waves too!

Already posted these but whatever.... I like them... ALOT

If I could have a dollar for every time I heard "When are we going back to Sunset Beach" E's college fund would have a good principle base. Oh and also trying to trick the girls into sleeping in the van and leaving at 5:45 in the morning was a gross miscalculation. LONGEST van ride... EVER!

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