Monday, March 17, 2014

Adding a bit of green to your day… Happy St. Patrick' Day!

Going for green for St. Patrick's Day… Here's how it looked

Thanks Brueggers for the green bagels!

I sprinted out to Wally's last night to get some cupcakes and I left the girls rings for their breakfast. 

Shamrock = Christian teaching tool on Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 
E - R do you like my Trinity ring???

R sporting her Shamrock ring!

Green bagel and butter anyone???

Green juice boxes and green jellybeans for snack

Prepping the green mac and cheese for lunch!

R - Are you kidding me?
M - I'm with you sista!
E - Mom you are insane!

Green beans and pizza for dinner

I knew I could load up their plates with green beans because…..

Green cupcakes for dessert

Are super tasty

No, really

They are awesome

And green

And messy

But I did not care since it was bath night.

Following in St. Patrick's footsteps… we are evangelizing our little Kibbe nation one bebe at a time. Pretty cool to be (singlehandedly? - okay maybe not 100%) responsible for bringing Christianity to an entire country, right? St. Patrick the Enlightener of Ireland. So what does that make us? Papa and Mama Kibbe Enlighteners of E, R and M? 

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