Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to Celebrate St. Nicholas with Kids

Or at least how we do : ) 

We start out like so... By go through our things - toys, clothes, kitchen items - and choosing what we are going to give St. Nicholas to take (to people who have less). This is our 3rd week of Advent activity. The girls did a pretty decent job of going through their toys. There was some arguments and some overrides (made by me) as to what was staying and going.

We blocked the doorway so M would not tumble down the stairs : ) 

On the Eve of St. Nicholas' Day, before we left for vespers we put our things in our chapel... 

Lee when through a few drawers in the kitchen and gave a bunch of cooking utensils

Then took down St. Nicholas' icon 

And raced off to church and hoped St. Nicholas would reward our sacrifice. (I use sacrifice loosely-more like doing without some of our excess.)

After vespers St. Nicholas came and gave the kids a little something. 

E was so nervous about going up even though Papa was standing RIGHT THERE!

R was good to go!

As I'm taking these M is screaming on the floor because she was touching the touchscreen camera screen. 

Then it was so super late as in 8:30 late so a quick change into pajamas and some hot chocolate for the long drive home. 

The girls FINALLY fell asleep - well M went to sleep almost immediately but the big girls did not. We got them transferred to their beds and St. Nicholas had some work to do: 

Yes, St. Nicholas brought cereal this year. The girls' favorites. And those pesky watches

And hair ties and Frozen Bandaids and slippers since toes were poking out of our current ones. 

And this year's Christmas dresses that I actually got last year after Christmas and R's dress is going to be super big. I guess I misjudged alittle. No chocolate coins for M so St. Nicholas brought her so of those Yogurt Melts. 

On the way to church I asked E what she thought St. Nicholas would bring Papa - 
E- Mmmm... Books because Papa loves books
I don't think St. Nicholas disappointed in fact he snuck in a surprise or two (which is hard when you have a book obsessed reader) 


And this is how it was left in case we had any peakers in the middle of the night - but I don't think we are at that age yet

St. Nicholas left more than a few gold coins

This is what the girls saw. St. Nicholas ought to find a better torch lighter for those oil lamps because they almost did not get lit!

Racing upstairs


Don't know what to think. R walked around with St. Nicholas' icon for a few minutes : ) 





Collecting the last of the gold coins 

Checking out the new books and waiting for breakfast

Papa kinda out did himself 

Eggs, grits, bacon, cinnamon buns

It was fantastic!

Overall it was a great time. Church Friday night was rough at the end but we got through it.

I know giving stuff for St. Nicholas to take has NOTHING to do with the fact he is known for:

1. Slapping the mess out of Arias for his heresy
2. Throwing a bag of gold coins into the window of 3 sisters, 3 times so that their father could pay their dowry and so the girls did not have to be sold into slavery


Giving things to him in order to receive is how we roll around here.

Take it or leave it. I love this tradition!

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