Saturday, February 15, 2014

Theme Thursday - Hearts

Okay I can finally say it. The single best part of my Valentine's Day was…. My hubby getting home from his week long retreat/excursion/spiritual recharge. 

Forget the candy and the cards - well no, don't do that - but seriously so glad he's home. Next year I am getting cards from the $1 section at Hallmark and I think Lee and I will have to cap our card amount at $5 because those babies are pricey!

Anyhow, I have not said ANYTHING about him being gone on the blog because I don't want any creepers knowing I'll home along with 3 kids because it FREAKS me out enough. I tried not to be too much of a whiner and complainer (one year I was kinda vicious) about him going because I once read that marriage and part of the Cross of marriage is making sacrifices for your spouse and if that includes him going on a week long retreat so that he can come back a better man/husband/father than offer it up, realize the value of it, and move forward knowing it is the best thing for your family even though the 168 hours might be crazy long (and include 3 schools day off from school!)

I did make heart shaped muffins for breakfast. In year's past I have done heart shaped cupcakes but I opted for muffins and candy this year. The girls welcome a break from the usual cereal grind. 

M was my fearless, talkative helper. 

Why are Valentine's cards so insanely expensive? Because Hallmark exes are brilliant capitalists so more power to them. Seriously though. Next year. Me. .99 card aisle. Like whoa. 

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