Monday, August 24, 2015

Day Trip to the Beach

A few weekends ago we toyed with the idea of going to the beach for some sandy time in the sun but mainly because it coincided with some good friends baby's baptism. I was super on the fence about going because Lee and I were leaving for Asheville the next morning after church so a coast to home to mountains voyage in a mere 24 hours wasn't exactly appealing. I kinda forced Lee into making the call because he's not your typical happy-about-being-at-the-beach goer but he said we were going to go for it. 

This is how it looked : ) 

Bathing suits, church outfits, pajamas, showering supplies and the master list!

We only left 45 minutes later than we had hoped which probably only would have helped us in the parking department!

We did get there around 11ish so we justified an early lunch at the Trolly Stop... They have great hotdogs.

M was not happy about me not carrying her

R took FOREVER to eat her hotdog and finally we let her finish it in the car!

The girls in their happy place - despite all the stinking shells!

M consuming ridiculous amounts of sand

Life on the beach

M's never too sure about the waves

Yay beach!

Beach day success

Then we raced to the public access showers - I really had no idea what we were dealing with until we got there - so we could get cleaned up before the baptism. I would't exactly call them showers - more like rinsing stations because the water is insanely cold and there's better pressure in the hose than the showers. So Lee 'rinsed plus used soap' - I'll refrain from actually calling it showering : ) then manned the one of the changing rooms that we monopolized for a solid half hour (sorry! but I think most people weren't actually changing anyways, just rinsing and running). I cleaned up the girls as best I could with the freezing water hose and we called in acceptable. M was definitely covered 30% in sand when she was strapped in the van but good thing it dries and comes off very nicely when dried. 

We made it to the baptism with 15 minutes to spare! My calculations were right on target. I have no pictures of the baptism but when you are overseeing kids you kinda get a pass on that right? Then we headed to the party afterwards and on the way we realized someone - some guy - had remembered his cassock for the baptism but not a collared shirt or anything reasonably appropriate (there were guys at the baptism in suits mind you) for the party so we hunted down a golf shirt (long story but it involved going to a private country club's golf pro shop) and he was set. Again no pics from the party which is totally my fault but when you are catching up with a number of people you haven't seen in forever and meeting new people - taking pics is low on the totem pole. The food was AWESOME and it was so great to see old friends and let the kiddos play together. 

Anyways... we loaded up at a reasonable hour and made the not-terribly-long drive home. 

We dumped all the sandy goodness in the laundry room... 

And maybe just maybe we might be able to convince Papa to do it again next year!

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