Friday, August 14, 2015

7QTs - Bib-free-bebes, the final weeks of summer, cross-state trips

Just floating through the last weeks of summer... These will be random so apologies : ) 

--- 1 ---
This is how I found R asleep one day during her rest.. 

Yes that would be comfortably under the unoccupied - but soon to be occupied crib

She and E sleep in the CRAZIEST positions ever... 

This is an old one but still? Cannot be comfortable. I am sure of it!

--- 2 ---

We tried peach smoothies with some of the peaches I froze a few weeks ago from the Farmers Market and they tasted way better than the frozen peaches from the store

I'm starting to reconsider my position on smoothies before school but that's a whole other post... 

--- 3 ---

M enjoying Grammy's homemade popsicles... 

Did I mention I believe about zlitch-o in bibs? I hindsight I probably should have just taken this outfit off but I mean really? Anyone else in the bibs-free-bebes category? 

--- 4 ---

These girls...  

They are going to miss each other ALOT in the afternoons when E starts school. E was tearful when she realized she's not going to be home for lunch but I quickly reminded her that we would come eat lunch with her some days. 

--- 5 ---

We survived Transfiguration vespers... and celebrated with white and bright Oreos. 

Last year I did a much better job of keeping our food white and bright for Transfiguration - really just as a fun way to remember the feast.

--- 6 ---

I have a whole post to do on updating my summer bucket list... 

And I probably could do an entire post on just trying to get out the flippin' door on time. Seriously getting people fed, dressed and motivated is NO JOKE!

--- 7 ---

Oh and we have been literally across the state - NC is a longer one... In less than a day

Papa? At the beach? 

Babymoon/business trip in the mountains? 

Maybe I'll recap those trips because as with most things around here... There's always a good story : ) 


  1. We don't use bibs either! Unless we're at like a wedding or something and there's no way around it and I don't want the outfit completely stained all night.

    1. Same here.. and that's if you can actually get it to stay on!