Thursday, August 27, 2015

So the First Day of Kindergarten Happened...

Before the first day though there was this... 

Last day that our bags at the door would look like this as book bags are put away at the end of school and taken back out at the beginning

I put the call out for some chocolate and Nani came through in a GIANT way. 
Nothing like powering through an emotional meltdown with some chocolate - you know!

Uniforms - check (though we are still waiting on another skirt because they are on super backorder = not helpful!) 
I washed up E's book bag as well as her tote bag the night before orientation and crossed my fingers the book bag would be dry!

We had already been shopping for school supplies... Sharpie + coffee

Papa's contribution to the supply list

Okay now let's have a discussion about this because I happen to think this is super funny. I asked Lee to get disinfecting wipes from Sam's because well bulk is good for us. He comes home and asks-Who are these wipes for? I tell them for E's and R's teachers, not thinking much of it. Well come to find out he's got the 'Professional' grade wipes that will probably be great for the classes but seem a bit over the top for preschool and kindergarten - but hey, we'll take them!

With supplies packed we headed to orientation. 

Papa was able to come to orientation which was same time, same place as the first day of school but just a day early. It was definitely a good dry run for the first day. The kids went to the library while the parents got 'oriented' in the classroom. It was just an hour but still the thoughts swirled in my head as we drove to school and I turned on the music and tried hard not to think too much of it. 

Orientation success!

Then the real day came.

Waffles for breakfast per E's request though I think the squirrels got more waffles than the girls

It was only a halfday so I made some lunch... 

They were up SO early! As in 30 minutes earlier than normal which was fine but unexpected!

Trying the banana chocolate chip bread we brought for the teachers on the first day. There's still 2 loaves left for R's teachers. Too bad the girls 'Don't like bananas' - but they said the bread was worthy of bringing as a Happy First Day of School treat!

We hustled and bustled about. I allotted an extra five minutes for obligatory pictures - which was a good call. The kitchen was a WRECK until Lee got home in the late afternoon. Between, waffles, mac and cheese, other stuff and snack stuff he ran the dishwasher before dinner. I think I might have convinced him that it is nearly impossible to leave the house in good condition when there is a change in schedule, add on top of that the first day pop-ups and working in the afternoon and, well, let's just say he's a more than a good sport about cleaning up the mess. 

Now pictures... 

Everyone HAD to have a bow. 

R hiding bebe #4 
: ) 

Now this is where I could have totally lost it. So the whole school starts off outside with the Our Father and saying the Pledge of Allegiance - but the kids have to be in their class lines so basically we gave E big squeezes and she had to go to her class line. She was nervous but we kept our eyes on each other. Then when I thought I might start to cry, M wanted to be picked up (shocking I know) and held her tight and somehow made it though. Then each class marched into their classrooms and that was it. Had we taken them to their classrooms I think that's where the tears would have flowed BUT that was not in the cards (thank goodness). 

R promptly announced that she didn't want to go to school because she 'would have no one to play with' without E there - though she powered through and had a great time as I was told. 

It was actually nice being outside after the prayer line because there were parents mingling around and since we don't go to church at the school - which I am finding out there are a good number of non-parish member children in the school - it was good to meet and be introduced to some parents. I've met some really great parents (and now friends) at the girls preschool and I hope the same will happen here. 

I had to set a reminder on my phone to pick E up from her half day of school because - yes, I am that crazy and I didn't want to get a call asking why in the world I had forgotten to pick up my child : ) E said she had a good day and wanted to show me EVERYTHING she had done while we were in the carpool line : ) She said she couldn't wait to go for her first WHOLE day of school tomorrow. She knows one girl in her class from VBS but really hasn't said much else in terms of 'friends'. 

E has kept telling everyone who asks her ANYTHING about school what she'll have to wear each day... Skirt M-W, gym clothes R and jumper F. It is cute. Also, it takes the drama out of getting dressed in the morning. Because we've been there... please click it and understand just how dramatic E can be - it's an oldie but a goodie I promise. 

I think that E being gone all day will really hit us NEXT week when the new-ness has worn off a bit but for now we are basking in first week of kindergarten success... 

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