Friday, August 28, 2015

7QTs - In which I don't talk about school... too much

So many thoughts... 

--- 1 ---
School is absolutely exhausting so I'll keep it short and sweet in that regard...

We survived the first (not-full) week of school. We haven't been late yet but did manage a uniform infraction on the 2nd day : (   I don't know who is more tired me or E. I don't know who is having more adjustment problems me or R.

{conversation on the ride home in between and over M singing Happy Birthday (on repeat)!}
R - I don't wanna go to school any more!
Me - Why?
R - I don't like the teachers and the kids!
Me - What's that on your side in the field {trying to change the subject}
Me - {good work on articulating your frustrations}
R - I wanna go to E's school. I want see E RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

--- 2 ---

Since there will be a new human around here in a few (less than 5) weeks I'll say something about the bebe. 

A. Being pregnant is no cakewalk - mentally, emotionally, physically exhausting in general, then top it off with - my baby is going to real school now and just exponentially increase those three things. 

Example - Today Lee came home and had another (far away) job to do. I walked out to his work truck told him I was about to have to wake up the to sleepers to go pick up E from school and halfway jokingly asked if he wanted to pick her up. And he said yes and I nearly could have cried. #pregnancyprobs Then come to find out he put gas in the van while he was out??? Yeah, he's a keeper. (also see #7 as supporting evidence)

B. On a lighter note... overheard at work

Guy - So what's this number three?
Me - No, actually number four
Guy - Y'all are slower learners (totally in good humor and not taking it in a mean way because I've known him for a few pool seasons)
Me - No... We just like what we do. 

--- 3 ---

M and our godson (from Missouri)

Our friends from Missouri came a few weeks ago. So great seeing them and their many kiddos and seeing our godson who we trekked out to St. Louis for a night when I was 7 months pregnant with M to go to his baptism. 

Definitely makes me miss seeing our friends though because I think we could have talked for weeks just catching up on life and stuff.

--- 4 ---

So cute...  

E and Papa went to help clean up the playground at school the weekend before school started. E had to have a hat just like her Papa : ) It was noticeably quiet around the casa

--- 5 ---

Despite all the craziness of the week with school and schedules being off and work lunches and uniforms and EVERYTHING... The girls wanted to stop and see the Moo-cows on our way home one night... 

I really didn't want to stop but stopping to do the small things is important especially amongst the crazies so I said yes. Fortunately there were cows super close to the fence so they got a good view.

See that mosquito on the seat? That got M right on the forehead before I managed to kill it : (

--- 6 ---

M is getting so not-a-baby anymore it is crazy. 

She has her own sense of style... With her "gaaa-ssays' 

She enjoys brushing her hair and screaming OWWWWW just like her big sisters!

She is very big into accessorizing with purses, hats, rings, bows, bracelets

She is super set in her ways - her mannerisms remind me so much of E it is kinda scary!

She isn't into eating meat - she loves any and all fruit and LOTS of it

She has taken to the potty and I've taken to the rewarding with jelly beans 
- anything to not change a dirty diaper right??? 

She loves to be read to and looking at books and will destroy them in her bed after looking at them - so far not too my casualties as it's not my first time around that block

--- 7 ---

Here's to the last year of my roaring 20s. It's certainly been a wild almost decade but no need to get all nostalgic over that yet....

I've been craving hot wings for a while now and Outback wasn't cutting it so we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings with the girls and Jibbe for an early birthday dinner out.

I tired a few kinds and I got the second or third spicy-est on their scale and I can say that my craving was satisfied. I was kind of afraid to get the spiciest kind as I knew I needed to get through the week without going into labor : ) - spicy foods is just an old wives tale right? 

But for real... they need to keep the tables stocked with Sams club wipes (we never go anywhere without a pack or two or five) instead of paper napkins and  individually wrapped wipes! 


Lee cooked up an AWESOME dinner a few nights later. Pine nut and parmensan chicken, spinach and pear salad. It was so good and I only wished we had put the kids to bed so we could really enjoy it BUT that didn't change the fact the food was great and I ate the leftovers for breakfast one morning. 


  1. Oh, man, that is the *best* response to those awkward comments about how many kids you have! I genuinely do think that about big families. Yes, that's a lot of kids, but those parents are definitely still in love!

    1. : ) It just surprises me how as-a-matter-of-fact people can be when it comes to speaking about something that really doesn't effect them at all.