Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday - Volume 4

Team Captain

NT Wright is one of his newly-ish found favorite authors who at times must be taken with a grain of salt but otherwise is generally quite theologically sound.


I made a good dent in the book one evening this week.... Continues to be interesting about how to connect with your child to help them through various situations.


Oh more homework brought on another search for books to illustrate the homework assignment theme - Scarecrows. I think its important for E to learn/see about what she will be creating not me just saying 'Okay a scarecrow lives in a cornfield and has to scare crows away from the corn'. We got some good ideas in mind to complete the scarecrow assignment - hay, corn, buttons, a combine, a silo... oh and some black birds. E is hoping for blackbird stickers - which I wonder if I'll be able to find at Don Miguel's.

In terms of the books themselves.... Scaredycrow was cute and had a nice ending. The Little Scarecrow Boy was a bit over her head I think BUT better illustrated what exactly scarecrows do.


Who does not love The Foot Book??? Especially when in the taped up version with the back page missing... Good thing Mama has memorized it : )

Got any other suggestions? I could totally get into this link up because I REALLY SHOULD READ MORE!!!!

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