Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Five Favs - Overheard yet again

Sorry yet another overhead 5 favs…. and Papa was feeling left out of the blog-o-greatness

1. At lunch one day...

E - Those look like little la-lup thangs?
Lee - ?
E- You know la-lups…
Lee - No I don't know
E - You know, la-lups they go click click click

2. Since when do 4 month olds NOT wear diapers?

Me - Can you keep an eye on the girls?
Lee - Chicky I'm in the middle of cooking!
Me - Well M just peed on me!!!!!!!
Lee - Oh. Was she wearing a diaper?

3. Not even gonna lie; this conversation really happened!

Lee - You don't like figs?
Me - No
Lee - And you don't like locusts and honey. You have a very unbibical diet Chicky
Me - ????

4. Love this kid... 


5. While reading books with Papa

Lee - Oh the Lion King
E - {strange look}
Me - That's Beauty and the Beast. Come on, you need to read up on your princesses!

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