Saturday, March 15, 2014

7 Quick Ones…


--- 1 ---

The girls are on a Mac and Cheese kick. Betty Crocker has a good box and that organic Annie's is also a winner

Why do kids love to eat pasta like this?

--- 2 ---

R double fisting with a fork and hand. 

--- 3 ---

M has been enjoying a more vertical view at the office...

I have one of those Johnny Jumper things you hang from the doorjam but it needs some SERIOUS detoxic-ing as there is garage funk on it.

--- 4 ---
Ahhhhh… we had a 70+ degree weather day and the girls got done playing on the swing set and headed straight for the mud. It was bath night so I did not mind… to much

E was making 'mud meatballs'

The next morning…

E - My shoes are DIRTY!!!!!!!!!
Me - {Brushing my teeth}
E - Mama you have to clean all this SMUT of my shoes!
Me - {Still brushing my teeth and trying not to laugh - thanks Papa for that vocab word!}

--- 5 ---
R had a good time too!

She was less concerned about her shoes the next morning 

--- 6 ---
Picnic dinner

Tuesday was the last nice weather day and it was also Presanctified Liturgy day so since a long car ride was in order, I shortened rest and let the girls eat and play outside before a lightning fast shower and hitting the road not too late. Every time we drive to Raleigh-world during the week I am so grateful we don't live there because the traffic is the PITS!!! I cannot stand traffic. 

So we survived another Presanctified Liturgy and week two of Lent last year I had bailed on them so I am thrilled. 

--- 7 ---
And I'm going to punt on this one for your sake

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  1. This is from Creative Playthings. I think they have branches all across the country. The key to this playset is that my husband did NOT put it together. Part of the package price was them sending two guys out here to assemble it (for like 10 hours - not even kidding). Sams Club and Costco and even Wally-World have swing sets but they come in a million and one pieces. Our neighbors up the street got one from Sams and it took her husband and father-in-law 23 hours to assemble. So unless you have a hubby who loves following directions paying the extra to have someone else put it together is worth it.

    Creative Playthings runs a weekly special on a different set so we had been watching the specials and waited until we saw one we liked at a reasonable good price - knowing that this swing set would have to last for a least a decade of hard princess castle use!