Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Unmatching of the Sisters

This post really is a bunch of fluff so please feel free to ignore my late night musing… 

When R was born we received an influx of matching outfits for the girls. Dresses. Pajamas. Bathing suits. Please see below evidence...

So here's my (silly) dilemma. I have a number of size 2T and 3-9 month matching outfits that go through 3T and 18 months. Awesome. Now that R is into E's clothes and M will be into the smaller size am I to leave E out in the unmatching cold? 

I posed this (ridiculous) conundrum to Grammy who said something along the lines of "Oh won't E grow out of wanting to match R" Seems plausible but let me show you why I don't think E is 'getting out of' her matching kick. 

E begins coordinating pajamas as soon as bath is over asking "R do you want to wear Ariel? Okay here I got this out for you." E does not mind sharing. The outfit R is in is E's but "she's too big for it so R needs it" Also, they are matching down to the socks! R is in a pair of E's Tinkerbell socks (and E is in Tink socks too!).  If E knows they can match or even coordinate colors or hairstyles or whatever… She will advocate for it. So point of this pointless story is…. I guess R and M will not be coordinating lest there be some epic meltdowns coming from their big sister!


  1. Awwww.. thanks!!! I don't even try and 'match' them anymore because my oldest takes charge of the matching department. Some Sundays I'll specifically pull two dresses that do not match just to really break things up!!!

  2. Your daughters are so lovely! I think it's a nice thing that they don't "match" anymore, each of them is unique and has a different personality. They should learn to believe in themselves and to be independent, without forgetting to love and support each other no matter what.