Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Five Favoritos - Overheard Edition

We've had a few gems recently so I just had to share

1. Thank goodness we have not had crazy weather this week...

E - And school was deleted today
Jibbe - What?
E - School was deleted today… because it was too cold!

2. The girls are fascinated by Papa's shaving activities

Papa - I have not shaved in a while
E - Yeah and sometimes your beard is colorful…
Papa - Ummm.. okay
E - Yeaaa… you know with all those squares in there
Papa - I have no idea what you are saying

3. Respect your elders

E - Why you didn' obey me?
R - Be-cuz
E - Why you didn' obey me? 

4. I think I'd rather crawl under a a large boulder 

Teacher - Okay R get a sucker out of the treat box
E - Mama does not like that word!
Teacher - I mean lollipop
Me - I am really sorry!
{insert discussion with 3 yr old about correcting adults}

5. While in the kitchen with Papa

E- Papa when are you going to put on your twig?
Lee - I don't know what you are talking about E
E - Your little twiggy thang?
Lee - You mean my apron?
E - Ya that

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