Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hot Mess - Laundry Rockette

{Alternatively, I am a laundry rockstar or The day in which I did an insane amount of laundry}

I've done a few posts about the laundry scene around here. In a nutshell, I prefer to save up all my laundry and do it on Saturday. I know. I know. You think I am INSANE but I actually enjoy the challenge. I cannot figure out how to separate a load, wash it, move it to the dryer, and fold it all in the same week day. Also, I refuse to do laundry on Sundays - unless there is a dire need and I think I have done one load on a Sunday in the past 6 ish months maybe. 

So this past Saturday I knew I was going to be around and not out and about too much so it was a prime day for getting a whole bunch-o-loads done. Plus the sheets needed to be changed. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets? 

Scenes from the Laundry Room ~ 5:30 AM

Piles started, stains pretreating… 

I heart laundry piles 

Laundry from last weekend still in the dryer

I think Lee's biggest pet peeve about my laundry habits is that not all the clothes make it to the final destinations. Clothes will sit on the couch or on the dryer or in the dryer for various lengths of time Example: Wednesday - "Chicky, have you done any whites? I am out of 'tall' white socks" Me - Oh they are in the dryer.

Stuff that had been rinsed from the girls 

5:58 AM

Load #1 - Winter coats

6:34 AM

Load #2 - Our sheets (in washer)
Load #3 - Papa's work clothes

Load #4 - Our lights


Load #5 - M's clothes except blankets

~ Time lapse ~

Load #6 - Ninis

Load #7 - Green sheets on bed in nursery

10:52 AM

Load #8 - Kid sheets

11:46 AM 

Load #9 - E/R pajamas + M blankets


Load #10 - E/R clothes

Usually I have E help me sort a load of E/R clothes mid-week and I'll get one load in on Wednesday but that just was not happening last week!

Load #11 - Delicates

2:45 PM 

Load #12 - Orange shirt that must be washed by itself


Load #13 - Our darks


Load #14 - Dish towels


Load #15 - Grey skirt - that was sprayed with a degreaser that stinks and had to be washed separate and still stunk of degreaser and I looked at it today and I am going to have to see if the dry cleaner can go to work on it!


Load #16 - Odds and Ends 


Load #17 - Whites


Load #18 - Green shirt that is a hand wash and cannot be washed with orange hand wash shirt

Notes from my most epic laundry day to date:

1. I could have squeezed in another 1-3 loads depending on pre-soaking needs

2. All loads we legit (not just a rinse; at least a quick run)

3. There were some loads that I don't normally do: 
    a. Winter Coats - I needed to put those upstairs 
    b. Ninis - I usually cannot pry them away from little hand and R freaked when she realized her Nini    was in the wash
    c. Kid sheets - I really need to change them more often
    d. Nursery double bed sheets - M's booted me from sharing a room with her because I wake her up
    e. Orange shirt/Green shirt/Grey skirt - Legitimately had to be washed separately but not normal that I have 3 different loads like that but they were lingering from weeks past

4. Papa's work clothes were probably only a 65 minute wash instead of a 100+ minute wash - it was not a super dirty/muddy/gluey work week

5. I wash E/R clothes separate from their pajamas because
   a. they are not that dirty so I can run them on quick
   b. during the winter (with bigger clothes) pajamas and both of their clothes would not fit

Eighteen loads of laundry in one day. I bet you weren't expecting that!


  1. Found you via the Fike life. I like to wash laundry on Saturdays too because Sunday night is my tv night and I fold it while i'm watching Mad Men and the like. As far as sheets go, I change them weekly in hot weather, twice a month the rest of the year. I do sheets and towel on Mondays only, unless its an emergency situation!

    1. Yeah… I really need to get on the change-the-sheets-weekly game plan! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Discovered you from Fike Life... you are a total rockstar!! I wish I had more organization when it comes to laundry. I find I do laudnry when I notice I am almost out of clean underwear. The kids sheets are cleaned whenever I notice they have leaked through their diaper and it is damp. Coats and like are washed ... I can't remember the last time! I need more of your organization in my life. Love your little space on the internet!!
    Casey -

    1. Thanks for coming by! I am the laundry doer in the house because I don't like the way my husband 'does' laundry plus he dries clothes on the highest heat which drives me insane. It is never a good sign when he tells me he is on his last pair of boxers!

  3. Girl! I'm just saying, I used to sort like that. I did for four+ years and THEN I had a conversion (haha) and our loads are: whites, darks, fancy, disgusting and if towels are out of control, I do a whites, clothes and a whites, towels load. It totally saves we loads of time! But kudos to you!!!

    1. Okay so a good number of my loads fills the drum of the washer - like the girls clothes or our lights and darks. I would love to stuff more in there but I don't know how much combining I can do! Maybe I'll reevaluate my amount of clothes per load and consolidate where possible but I am thinking I won't be able to.

  4. I don't sort anything. Way to go Joanne! No joke, diapers get washed with towels which get washed with church clothes. Awesome. I also only do. 2 loads a week so let's not count how often I remember to wash towels and sheets. I know, you want to come visit now right?

    Caitlyn stayed with us once and I realized I hadn't washed the guest sheets in over 6 months. It was bad...

    1. How big is the drum in your washer? It must be massive. We have a front loader but our next washer (hopefully we won't need one for a while) will hopefully be a top loader. This front loader does not allow for an overnight presoak.

      No y'all need to come to NC and go to the beach! We are right on the way!!!