Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Newfound Reading Buddy

It's that time of life for R. Time to start the reading book - Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. The reading book that I did with E sometimes more painfully than other chapters. I started the book with R maybe about a month ago and it has been hit or miss. She hates to be wrong and she prefers guessing the words rather than sounding them out. It's been a little tough.

Somewhere along the lines with E I dug out a stuffed animal Olaf and Olaf was our reading buddy. Olaf read with us only when we did reading book and if, and only if, she finished the chapter she got to take Olaf for the night - otherwise Olaf was stuck with me. He was mine until she finished the book and she just took care of him for that night.

The incentive worked quite well and after about 18 months of on and off reading - we got though the 100 lessons. I think it wasn't until a month into 1st grade that she actually finished book even though by about lesson 75 or 80 kids are pretty good readers.

Anyways.... I had been searching for a Rey plush doll - not a Barbie but something snuggling that could be R's reading buddy. I had been on the hunt since Christmas with no luck. So we had another errand to take care of at Build a Bear and they have My Little Ponies. I don't know exactly where the girls have gotten the scoop on the Ponies but I figured this would be special because we don't have any Ponies and she'd actually be able to make it - for me.

So Rainbow Dash is mine for the next 80 or so chapters of your reading adventure.

Trying not to be too excited - but she is. I think I have much better idea of how I was showing - or not showing - my emotions to my parents growing up - and I'll admit I think R and I are/were tough cases. 

Since Rainbow Dash came to town R is not as easy to give up on the chapter and call it quits - which is awesome because sometimes she'd get hung up on sounding a word out and then just turn in for the night - not now. 

She is pretty cute and I think that R might chose to get Rainbow Dash a friend when she finishes her summer workbook. That was a bear to get through last summer but with a little extra incentive for some serious time and effort - things are a little easier to get done : ) 

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