Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Fairly OddKids

I couldn't resist... 

7, 3, 1, 5

Cast of Characters: 

Age - 7
Letter - E
Mom's current favorite nickname - Esther
Likes - Reading, soccer, swimming, Legos, American Girl, Barbies, playing outside
Dislikes - Homework, things that are difficult

Age - 3
Letter - M 
Mom's current favorite nickname - Moey
Likes - Playing upstairs with the big sisters, getting up as soon as there is an ounce of sunlight, soccer
Dislikes - Taking rests 

Age - 1
Letter - A
Mom's current favorite nickname - Little Boy
Likes - Bananas, clementines, being outside, toting a broom around, school
Dislikes - Afternoons between the hours of 4-6, not being outside 

Age - 5
Letter - R 
Mom's current favorite nickname - Rebekles
Likes - Playing with sisters, Barbies, swinging really high, using the gymnastics swing, tee ball
Dislikes - When things don't go her way, being corrected

Age - t-minus 5 weeks
Letter - very much decided and of course not telling
Mom's current favorite nickname - baby K #5
Likes - giving mama heartburn - my guess is lots of hair like R, making mama feel a millions years old because of crazy lower back pain, kicking and somersaulting in a very confined space
Dislikes - TBA

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