Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nursing and a toddler...

A. I know this post will not be of interest to everyone so sorry... I just had to make it because I've been thinking about it. Please skip if you don't want to read about the thrills of nursing

I was flipping through the recent Parents magazine when I saw a disappointing stat about breast feeding and hospitals. The vast majority of hospitals do not have good breast feeding support for mothers between a lactation consultant and support groups. Maybe I was taking that for granted because the Wil-town hospital has both. Anyways point of the article was to make sure your hospital has good support if you choose to breast feed your child - which I can tell you from experience is sooooo imporante!

R and I were supposed to go to our nursing mothers meeting at the hospital yesterday. R had other plans as that she screams her eyeballs out the first 5 min of the trip and the 5 min it took to get home. Did I mention I think we should have moved closer to Wilson? I decided I could not listen to the howling for 35 min so we missed out! I was super bummed because it is so important for moms to talk about babies and all the drama-rama that is motherhood.

I had a couple concerns about breast feeding nĂºmero 2 and I wanted to get other mamas takes on it before E came along but I did not make it to a meeting. Fortunately when R and I went in to follow up with the lactation consultant she was able to help me out with how to talk to or teach an inquisitive toddler about breast feeding.

1. Should I wear a nursing cover just around the house when E us around?

Answer, which made perfect sense - you are teaching/showing E something perfectly normal. Now that I think about it I would not cover up R if she was getting a bottle so why cover up if nursing? Granted, I definitely cover in public and if there are guys around or if there are women who are not comfortable or if I think it will be a distraction.

2. What do you call nursing?

Who the heck wants to get into an anatomy lesson with a less than two yr old???? No thanks. Yeah so definitely stole the solution from the lactation consultants daughter - E is now totally on board with Mimi when she sees R nursing. We have left it at that for now since she is okay with that terminology.

Just for speculation sake I imagine it might be different if E was a boy I think I might be more inclined to cover up ...

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