Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Product Review - Baby Thermometers

Okay let's be real here. Nobody likes taking a baby's temperature especially when they are sick and let's here some sympathy for the babies too! So here's my take on baby thermometers.

1. (Pictured in the middle) The Safety 1st thermometer is not worth a flip. The numbers are small and it takes a long time to beep out a reading - which is horrible for mom and baby (and traumatizing for onlooking papas)

2. (Pictured top) The Safety 1st ear thermometer has to be positioned just 100% right to give a decent reading and you have to pull back baby's ear to get it into position - let alone deal with squirmy baby. Also we tried the ear model on ourselves and cannot get it positioned correctly so forget that one too.

Last year when E was sick I was thinking about breaking down and buying an expensive Dr's ear thermometer but I did not want to be stuck with a simialr problem that I had with #2 so I hunted around the drugstore and came around a Vick's regular thermometer. Still in the 10-15 range but not crazy expensive. Going for the cheaper option I gave it a whirl and BAM I found one.

3. (Pictured below) Vick's thermometer - There are a few models. One even lights up green, yellow, or red but I got the simple version. This one is super fast compared to the Safety 1st- done in maybe 5-7 seconds. Numbers are huge and there is a long memory time on the temp.

Only reason I mention this now is E was sick the other day and I was pleasantly reminded of my trusty Vick's thermometer and how much I appreciate it and wished I had found it sooner!

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  1. i found the vicks wearable pediatric thermometers at babies r us, i think, and i love them! you put them under the child's arm (right where the skin folds) and they can wear themn for 48 hours, even during baths. the first reading is a little hard because you're supposed to hold their arm down for like 2 minutes, but it is super easy to read (find the last black dot, and that's the temperature) and you only have to put it on them once to check for a long time.

  2. Hmmm... I had never heard of those. I'll have to give them a whirl. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Thanks for the safety instructions on the ear thermometer. I know a lot of parents are worried to use them from fear of pushing too far and pressing the baby's ear canal.