Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wilson... The town we did not move to...

When Lee and I discussed moving location was clearly at the top of the list. We both love Wilson because it's got a nice small town feel with good restaurants and schools. However when it came down to it Wilson is a 20 min commute to RMT where we both work and not that closer to Raleigh where we go to church. So it was out.

Today R and I ventured to Wil- town to go to meet with the hospital lactation consultant - who is Amazing - and then I remembered how much I missed Wilson. We also went to the consignment store there because I need some semi-winterish dress cloths for R for when we go to church. No luck though but not surprising as they just changed to the summer season last week and all the fall winter clothes were super picked through. Though I did find E a new pair of black shoes after she destroyed her old pair while riding her 'cycle'

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