Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scent of the Month

Hit up the local Hallmark to get our February Yankee Candle situated. I really have not burned any candles since before Christmas. I did not really get into the Balsam scented candle because we did not have tree to complement it - bitter, yes most definitely!

I was slightly skeptical about any Valentine's Day scents because I imagined them to be pungent and overpowering but True Rose was a major surprise. It is very subtle in fact. Now the YCs sit on the mantle but the smell makes it back to our bedroom which is the furthest room away from the candle on the downstairs - so I am impressed.

I don't know why I like having a smell around the house. Maybe its a pregnancy thing but I always remember smells from places - like the smell of a friends house that I promise you smelled like syrup for years or the Guatemalan countryside - try putting that in a jar YC!

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