Thursday, February 16, 2012

DYI - The Kitchen

Probably more like DY - Lee but whatever!

So I have not done a post on a house tour but trust me - there is some work to be done - eventually. Lee and I enjoy talking about what we'd like to do but honestly major renos are likely not the in the cards for a while or will happen in small bits over time. Since this is our forever house when we see something we like we are flagging it in magazines or taking a screen grab so we can remember.

Also our DVR is set for pretty much every HGTV home so we have seen some amazing ideas. To kick this process off I figured I start with the kitchen.

Basically we have dark wood cabinets and molding. Floor is not an issue but the kitchen as laminate and dining area is carpet (horrible horrible idea) so we'll be doing hardwoods for sure. When Lee and I were brainstorming - which we do often - we thought that stainless steel would look strange or would not go. However we were watching an HGTV show and saw dark wood with blackish granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances - it looked AMAZING!!! We are not totally sold on in but here is what we think our options are:

1. Lighter sandstone granite countertops with copper undertones (similar to the kitchen in our rental) with black appliances.
2. Darker black granite countertops with silver or white undertones with stainless steel appliances

Other kitchen notes:

1. There is a massive set of cabinets that separates the kitchen from the dining area that MUST go - or at least moved into the laundry room
2. I would LOVE to have the microwave mounted over the stove
3. The fridge should have the third door easy access option
4. The stove needs to be flat electric surface because I think Lee is learning that cleaning burners is a bummer
5. If the oven was a small stacked double that would be excellent - especially for Lee and his baking
6. The dishwasher needs to not be from the 90s. I really miss the dishwasher that is at the rental because I seriously think that I could fit twice as many dishes - ask Lee I am an excellent space finder in the dishwasher because I don't like washing dishes : )

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  1. I'm looking forward to our reno too! Mmm...I'm excited for you guys. :) We must time this so we can go shopping juntas!

  2. Claramente! I want to see your new fridge!